[FREE ADVERTISING] Looking for clothing groups

In effort to help clothing groups to get noticed above other clothing (copiers?) I would like to offer any and all legit clothing groups an opportunity to submit their clothes to me so I put them in my upcoming game to be sold.

In order for me to really clear up who to trust, I’d like to restrict this to RBXDev members only, HOWEVER should a non RBXDev member have a group with clothes they have made themselves I am more than open to accept their application IF they can get at least 3 RBXDev members to vouch for them.

How it will work
I will DM you on either here or Discord to form an agreement on how this will work out entirely, however, the selected groups will need to submit several pieces of clothes to me and I will put them in the store inside the game, from there players will be able to click and buy them from YOUR groups.

How to contact me:
Via DM on here or, I am (Omar#5952) on discord.

If you have any questions please do comment :smiley:


what about designers

Yup, more than welcome to!

Now that the in game mall is ready, I am going to start putting in outfits, so if you or someone you know have any clothes you’d like to sell, feel free to let me know!

Note: Only reason I’d prefer it if the clothes are owned by a group is that in the case a user no longer has BC the clothes go off sale so they aren’t purchasable in game.

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