Free Animations?

Is there somewhere I can get a list of all the free animations that are available on Roblox?

Is there a library of free animations that people distribute outside of Roblox?

I’m looking specifically for sword animations, but also just having a list of walk/run animations that all of the Roblox-published animation packs contain would be quite helpful, since there is no fast way to browse them.


I think on toolbox you can import animations


So you’re not looking for like, catalog made animations, right? So blender type animations?


I am sure the power of the toolbox may help you with this.

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I’m looking for Roblox animations, not Blender renders


I’m pretty sure you can find some animations on the toolbox, like what @Veesom said.

Are we talking about the same place? I’m looking for them here.


I can’t even find my animations here.



I meant just type via search bar “sword animation r15/r6”

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The reason I’m asking about external sites for animations is that I don’t believe Roblox has an animations library anywhere and they are not searchable in the catalog.

They are redistributed as separate files that need to be imported into Studio, or referenced by Asset ID for previously published ones.


They do need one though, you should suggest it. They also need the ability to make your animations public.

Roblox could possibly listen to you as opposed to some random developer.


I’ve been trying to do the same thing in the past month, looking for some animations made by ROBLOX.

There doesn’t seem to be a library for animations that are free to take, suggesting one could help out a lot in the community.


Yes, I was sure that there was a few adjustments made to the toolbox, one being that they made it easier to search for things. I assumed they did the same with finding an animation for free much easier but clearly not.

Your best bet currently is to just utilise the toolbox free model search and hope that you come across a nice little animation model that has a bunch of free animations inside or use the Roblox library.

This is definitely a feature request right there.

You can probably download them from roblox one at at time, if you use

  1. Download asset package
  2. Find asset ids of individual animations
  3. Download those (or you can probably reference them directly)

Building up a dictionary of everything available and previewing it is not trivial though.

It’s much harder to extract all of the animations used by various gear items. You basically need to download them all and grep through the source code to find the animation asset ids.

Since animations are very necessary for good-looking games, I was just wondering if someone had done this already.

User-created animations, at least several years ago, were totally unbrowseable on for moderation reasons. So this thread is mostly asking what hacks the community has come up with to distribute animations outside of Roblox. It looks like that answer might be “nothing”. I was hoping the answer was to browse on over to and browse/download them there.


I just looked around in the roblox library, and I’ve just noticed that there’s no section for animations. It seems the only place to view other people’s animations is by going to your inventory, clicking on an animation in the animations section, and then looking at the “Recommended” section of that animation. It’s strange how roblox hasn’t made a section for animations.


Animations can be imported by asset ID, through roblox animations plugin
Create New animation, and import animation from roblox, a dialog box will appear on bottom right will be asset id box paste it there it would import it in the plugin

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you can find animations by type on toolbox r15 animations or r6 animations and then is will give you all the animations.

I don’t really think you can find free animations. This is probably not the best way, everything animation will be random:

Click on a random animation you’ve made.

And on the bottom you should find some animations.

You could also go on the toolbox/free models page and search animations, like dances or something. If a roblox dummy/rig appears, use the animation editor to view the animation.


I found free sword animations by searching on the toolbox and using Roblox’s animation editor to export the animations in the dummy.

This method no longer works.

Uh…. You’re like, 2 years late?