Free asset pack! (no credit required)

Ive given out a free lowpoly asset pack!!! AssetPack! - Roblox click the link and press edit and its all your!

the pack contains:

(ive been given permission from intelplayz aka Robuilder, i remade it from his tutorial) (mountain) Thanks! Put the lighting into lighting!!!


Nice!, I myself won’t be using this but I really like the style!


thank you! this means alot to me!

Oh okay chill, his replies did not break any rules, this is starting to get off topic, please stop fighting there, tutorials are made for people to teach somenthing or in some ways to use free scripts or models. We do not have to fight there, its okay to use tutorials, its okay to use free models, its okay to have your own opinion, we do not have to agree, but we must respect others opinions. This is getting offtopic so please. Calm down…


would you guys want another asset pack and what stuff should i include in it?

I deep dived and I saw that he only has one, correct me if I am wrong but can you show the dms of you talking to robuilder because you posted these in the discord and you got the same response that you said.

This is the only one from robuilder that you can use for free as he used it for coloring purposes and not through reselling. So I am confused correct me if I am wrong. But I find it sus that you are doing work incredibly similar to robuilder assets that he put up on his profile. (I recomend looking yourself.

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I can make more proof to show my side about what I think is going on if you want.

none of these are stolen but i made the mountain by using intel’s tutorial, what is so bad about that?

his tutorial goes step by step on how to make that same legit mountain, yes i could of added a bit of varietion to it!

is that if you use tutorials then you can just replicate it when it comes to making work over.

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I am just confused about it thats all

yes i could of added a bit of varietion to it! but as now i could remake it and change it up a bit if thats what you guys want?

wow. its not my style but nice work bro! keep going!!

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I have made a showcase game showing this asset pack. I’ll make sure I credit you in the description!

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probably Kirby like meshes… I would love that!

thanks you! sounds good to me!

Hey, im gonna be making another asset pack., tell me what to include!

more mountains
and other little stuff

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