Free Build! (Re-envisioning of personal servers) Thoughts?

Hello there,

Just wanted to showcase and get some feedback on a project that I have spent the last couple of years working on, remaking personal servers. The outcome of this is my game, nearing the end of its development now, Free Build!

Here is some pictures of what me and my friends have created in the game.
Feel free to reply with anything you make in the game too!

I am beginning Free Build 2 which will be more heavily designed to utilise Roblox’s constraint system and more future features rather than use older methods such as relying on surface welding behaviour.

Let me know what you think of Free Build so far, always open to constructive feedback! :slight_smile:


I really love games like this. Make me proud! :slightly_smiling_face:

Omg boats

Interesting concept. It looks very similar to Minecraft, but in Roblox. I think it’s very neat.


I 100% love this! I remember playing the old free build games back in 2016-2017 with my friends. We would get online after school and build for hours. Hope to see this game grow and more people join in on the fun. The only game around now that is like the old free build games (that actually work well) would be ¨Welcome To Roblox Building¨ which is another one of my favorite games. Keep up the great work!


Thank you all for your kind words, means so much to me hearing great feedback for it so far! :yum: