Free Cam Keybinds + Suggestions?

What do you want to achieve?

I just want to learn more ways to get better screenshots and videos of my work. I am using the built in free cam and OBS to record. I know how to hide the Roblox core Gui but I was wondering if anyone knew how to maybe better center the camera or other tricks/keybinds?

Are you using Windows or Mac?
Just to know to tell some OS keybinds that maybe you can use

Right now i am using windows !

So, maybe you can use xbox recorder (I don’t recommend so much if you use OBS)

And for screenshots, maybe using Windows+Shift+S to be fast, in case you don’t know about that shortcut, when you use it, your monitor stops and you select the part of the screen you want to screenshot, and it saves on your Screenshots folder)

If you’re using a Geforce GTX or Geforce RTX, I highly recommend to use the Geforce Recorder (you can download on NVidia website) because it’s the best free recorder I seen (can record up to 8K and no fps cap (if your computer handle it))

And in case you want to add visual effects, use RoShade (don’t use if you want to show how the thing you’re showing really looks)

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I’ll look into using the geforce recorder! OBS has been recording pretty good for me with great quality but I want to see if I can get it even better. And I’ve never heard of RoShade so i’ll look into that too! Also btw do you maybe know any keybinds to better control the camera? Like if I want to center the freecam if that makes sense.

No, I never saw keybinds to control the freecam like that, all times I use, I do with the normal keys, even if sometimes is a little difficult.

Just to be sure, do you have Geforce GTX/RTX? I’m not sure if it will work great in others GPUs

Yeah I have a geforce gtx and I will try to look more into the freecam idk if there even are more keybinds for it tbh.

Ok, so maybe first check if you have the recorder on your pc, some geforce pc comes with it

Search the app on windows search bar “Geforce Experience”

If has the app, it should appear this

Then click the middle button (the green on) at top right


And should open the recorder (I can’t show print of it because it doesn’t appear on the print)

(If the recorder recuses to open on Roblox, use the Microsoft Version to see if fixs the error)

Thanks sm! I’ll try it out. I’ll just mark this as the solution since I don’t think there’s anything more for the in game freecam but thx sm for this, Imma try to use it to record too c:

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