Free camera in Studio is too slow at large scales

Currently doing things at a large scale in Studio (most commonly, navigating a large map) feels very clunky and inefficient as we cannot customize how fast the camera moves. The camera is too slow, and the acceleration to a high speed takes time.

This is really annoying, and it would improve everyone’s experience using Studio if this issue could be resolved (perhaps with something like a camera speed value we can edit either manually or using hotkeys).


You can actually already edit the speed in settings for both WASD and Mouse Wheel control in Studio Settings (see attached photo), as well as use the shift key to temporarily slow down the camera.


Didn’t know about that so thanks :slight_smile: It is still quite impractical to use frequently though (as much because of the dangerous ‘restart studio’ popup as the time it takes to modify the values which isn’t very long), and also it lacks accessibility and the ability to reset to those specific settings (when you want to return to ‘normal’ speed).


Does this still happen when you hold shift and WASD or shift+middle mouse pan?

Even after significantly increasing the camera speed, it was still too slow to navigate a space station I made a few years ago. I had to create a custom camera teleporter plugin in order to decrease the minutes it took to get anywhere, so I’m not sure a setting to increase camera speed is the be-all end-all, especially as larger maps (e.g. Skyrim, Warframe, Dark Souls, etc) are created.


I did not know about that hotkey either! I guess that fixes the issue of working in detail. I must have missed the post about this when I was away or something lol.

I don’t think it was ever documented / announced anywhere. It’s been around since the beginning of time. I’m pretty sure most developers discover it by trying to speed up the camera with Shift (sprint) and realizing it slows it down.


That’s pretty much exactly how I discovered it, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s more developers left in the dark about the feature. :man_shrugging: