Free car models

Hi Fellow devs,
I have a question.
Would it be ok if someone (me) would use free car models in a game? I would change them over once I know how to make my own cars. (I would credit them in someway.)


It’s a free model, which means it’s open to the public. Your game can’t get taken down either.

If you feel guilty about using someone’s models, give them some credit in the description or something.


Ty, and yes I know my game won’t get taken down. I was just checking because all the cars until i learn to make one myself will be free models.
Yes I was gonna give credit to all the people who made the free models in some sort of dev forum thing


You can use #bulletin-board to credit stuff.
Use Dream Craft’s for an idea of how it’s supposed to look like.
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Yes it would be fine if you did use free car models anyone is allowed to use them, but also remember to avoid using too many free models, some free models might have a virus planted in them and that is not good. Overall I believe that it is fine if you use free car models in your game.


Yes you are allowed to use ‘free models’ topics like this have been covered before many of times, consider using the search function as this has been asked already.

You could use many free models as much as needed as it may be something needed when using free models try to recreate things in your own version, if you use models try learning how to build off of them to incorporate your own model for example: if you pick a random car model find ways to have your own sort of version of it, you’ll learn how to build something like that in your own appearance if you learn and practice.

Using free models are public domain as it’s there to be used. There are already similar threads about using free models. See here:

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Yes, I thought of that thats why I’m going to take extra caution when choosing the free models. I use ro defender then I check over all the parts and scripts.


I mean this is on you. You could use it, but to be honest if I used a free model I would feel off. One, because it is using someone else’s model and then importing it into my game. Two, because there is no way of me really knowing if there is a virus in it. I’m sure lots of people do use car free models so this is you choice! Hope I helped.

not exactly, its not much of a virus and more of a lag for your game.

Of course you can use Free Models! They’re put out into the Creator Marketplace for a reason.

To help you out here though,
When you say you can make your own cars, do you mean the 3D modeling part of it? Or scripting of it?

If it’s scripting wise, you can use this free chassis that pretty much all roleplay games use, called A-Chassis.

You can pretty much slap on a 3D mesh body or just make one out of parts, and that’s your car. No additional scripting needed.