[Free] Chinese Map!


I made a map some months ago for one of my old game project but i decided to remake it in low poly style, so i give the old one for free. Hope it will be useful for someone.

Map Size: 500/500
Map Style: Blocky
The map was made only with normal parts, all parts are anchored, can-collide and plastic material.
All lighting stuff are included (Skybox, Color Corection, Blur, Depth of Field)

You can use the map and models without to credit me.


Map File

Chinese map.rbxl (81,0 Ko)

Other Ressources

Sprint & Stamina
Multiple Jumps


That build looks super familiar. I can’t put my finger on it. :flushed:


I’ve made this map by myself, it took me around 10 - 15 hours to make it alone xD
It is literally impossible that the map is in a public game.

Here is some screenshot of how it is when i was at 50% of the map building


Sorry about that. There was a somewhat similar style map that I confused it with. My apologies.

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Very nice! I sent this to the developer I manage (I help find him resources and jobs and stuff) @COOLDEV16T I think he likes it to!

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could I have it or do i just take the file bc i don’t want to take it without premission

-dodosnicker thanks!

Reminds me of a map in Be A Parkour Ninja. It’s very blocky, which I’m not the biggest fan of… Aside from that it’s a pretty good map, good job!

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It’s pretty good though, chinese buildings aren’t just REDDDDDDDDDD ROOOOFFFS. I’d recommend you change up the roof colors a bit.

Thank you so much! It gives me Minecraft vibes, I’ll try to make something out of this.

Keep up the good work :+1:

Lots of smashy road vibes. Very epic!

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The Chinese map pic looks good. And I did not go to that game yet. But it looks cool tho.