[FREE] GFX creator

## About Me
Hi there I am a gfx creator and i will be working for free for a few days just to fill up my portfolio

Past work:another_gfx__D ![Murder Myster Unknown|690x388](upload://qufgcqnLD 1IujYMdK11WHbnuJpa.png)
I’m not that skilled and experienced yet hope i will get better in the future
My discord:Wearesg#7058
https://twitter.com/Wearesg_Roblox twitter


lol i glitdhed it yeah anyway message me!

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Could you please make me a GFX!
These all look awesome!
More Info In Dms!

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Yeah Sure
But you are not accepting it

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sent you one! Accept it please!

Nope Sorry Man I dont see anything

I just sent you one again press accept

Wait ur already my friend lol I’ll send you a dm

Add me on discord (MeltzZ#3185)

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add me discord please : Urmom#9753

add me on Discord (YOUNGY#3200)

Hey you still doing this if you are dm me on discord

I have changed my user name to 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕟_bones🎄#8685 sorry

Hello! I would like a GFX please, more info in DMs! nicecar#8654

My discord is Disabled#4340

If you’re still available please add me and DM me!

Are you still doing this for free?
If so, could u also make me one?
I’m actually interested in this for my YouTube channel as a profile picture.
Add me on discord then. Tirnadi#0782

hey can u add me? my discord user is GlediSenpai#8007

My discord is lol no#5150

That’s if you’re available.

With this I think you need to set the render engine to Eevee

I believe that you made a mistake in putting ur discord name I can’t find it.