(free) gfx designer for hire 1 year of experience!


Hello I am TheHatterGuy and I am a GFX designer my commissions are free right now
because I want to work on some different styles though I have 1 year of experience.



Free for now!


You can contact me through discord at GlazeFox#9193

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Hey, I sent you a friend request (Play_MazeOfHeck#3834)

For some reason i do not believe you are one year experienced because it looks like you just started out on this. It also looks like you took a screenshot and threw in text and some pictures. It seems you put no effort into this. I do recommend you take your time on Dev Forum looking at logos and guides. Before you start a portfolio I recommend that you make a post about feedback on some of your work. If you do work on PC/laptop I suggest these websites to make logos with, Fiddle around with the gadgets and stuff there.

They are all completely free and quick to learn.
I wish the best of luck for your improvement!

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The last photo looks like the trees at the sides are trying to fly off.

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I found this same image on the internet lol. I am starting to reconsider yout 1 year or gfx designing. GFX is creating models by yourself, not copy and pasting from the internet

no offence… but one years experience?
I made this with only 1 weeks experience? Maybe I just learn quickly but that doesn’t sound believable

those are not the exact same images…

They are definitely not custom renders. I used them when I first started as well.