Free Google Sheet Tracker for Commissions (R$ & USD!)

Hello all, ever have a hard time keeping track of your client projects? What about trying to keep track of the money you are making month to month, either USD or Robux?

Well have I got a solution for YOU!

Hi, my name is BSlick; and I’ve been juggling projects up to my eyeballs for the last couple of years - I couldn’t have done it with my brain alone, and so I needed extra help. Hopefully this can help you too!

Everything in the projects tab is automatically color coded for you when you enter stuff in - and the money tab information populates based off your projects tab - it only works for 2019, and you will have to start fresh in 2020

I will answer any questions I can, if the notes I have there do not answer enough!


I don’t see much Intentions on using this.
The thing is, Its very basic and not worth using.

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Incorrect, there is plenty of use for this handy spreadsheet. A lot of people, including myself, have a hard time keeping track of goals and past events, and this helps extremely well with organization and planning.


I made a version I think is a little better.


I love that you made another iteration of it - I’m going to dive into it soon and check it out! I noticed you went to just a regular numbering system for project numbers - just so you know why I do mine the way that I do, is that it’s easier to see what month and year the projects were acquired in at first glance- all the projects that start with 1907, were all July 2019 projects, etc etc.

In my corresponding project folder where I keep my actual files and folder systems, each project (and it’s sub folders/files) include that same project number so it’s easy to reference anything used for that specific project

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I’ll implement a project # system soon, if you would like to work on my version later, shoot me quick message.

I implemented another number system it is:

I am using a google app script to do this, the code is here if you are weary about trusting my application:

var projectID = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getActiveCell().getRow()-2;
var year = new Date().getFullYear().toString().substr(-2);
var months = {
  "January": "01",
  "Feburary": "02",
  "March": "03",
  "April": "04",
  "May": "05",
  "June": "06",
  "July": "07",
  "August": "08",
  "September": "09",
  "October": "10",
  "November": "11",
  "December": "12",

function projectNumber(date, blank) 
  if(blank) return;
    return months[date] + year + projectID;

Updated Version