Free Horror SFX For Games By Me

I have put together a pack of 25 high quality free to use horror sfx made all by me, feel free to use it in games and compositions. Here are some of the sounds you may hear in the pack.

Here is the pack free to download. - SubDoxx

SubDoxx’s Horror (7.0 MB)


It could just be me, but I think I’ve heard the first 2 before. :thinking:

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All sounds are brand new, its probably just a coincidence that you may of heard something like it before. :+1:


Really nice resource for developers. There aren’t a lot of high quality packs online and if they are, they most likely not free.


Pretty sure the first one was posted previously.

Interesting, just wish there was more variety to them, as 1 and 3 are pretty similar.

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Yeah the other one I posted is quite similar, sorry about that

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They both might be on the key which might be why they seem similar