Free large and detailed terrain maps, different biomes/ geographical areas

Here is a terrain map inspired by the Faroe islands, ignore the name, it was originally meant to resemble the Scottish Highlands but i changed my mind while working on it.

This is a very large “jungle” map, it has high cliffs and canyons as well as rolling hills.

Here is a desert, supposed to look like the deserts in the Middle East or North Africa.

Enjoy :smiley:


Thanks for this! I won’t be using the maps but you’ve given me some inspiration for my terrain

These maps are very good, I just loaded one in studio and it looks very nice

Great job with the maps, you are really talented. I commend you for your amazing skills.

Sorry for continuing this, but do we must credit you?

nope it’s fine if you don’t


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the terrain is great i like it!

@FIorentius I tried to open them in studio but they don’t seem to open at all

try downloading them and then opening them

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how do you download without opening first?



That’s strange, it should be working.

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Could i get a .rblx file by any chance?

Once you click edit, you should see:
Click Save to File or Save to File As… to get the .rbxl file.

the problem is it errors when i try to open
thats why he suggested downloading it directly
but that option is gone for me

Oh, then here are the files straightforward:
Scottish-highlands.rbxl (2.3 MB)
Ro-Thing-Desert.rbxl (1.1 MB)
VlachSlvs-Place-Number-53.rbxl (1.2 MB)


Okay, sorry I forgot I have a Chrome browser extension that adds features/buttons.

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