Free MLP Models

Hello there, I’m Sparkatic I’m a mob modeler and I have 2 Pony models I made in my spare time that I would like to share with you so that they might go to use someplace else! I think MLP is loved by many and that these models could really be used in that community.


There are 2 ponies in this package a Male and Female model with wings and horns on both, I have a magic particle on the female model. The Male model is rigged and has a few of my animations saved, you can go ahead and use those if you’d like as well. The female is not rigged.

Catalog Link:


Animation Links

Soar -
Flying -
Walk -
Idle -

If you would like the blender file for these models, contact me on discord:


Although I’m not searching for any MLP models, I am certainly impressed by your models! Keep up the great work!