Free model virus

I inserted a toolbox free model, here is the link:
I saw there was no fire or spread virus, so then inserted it and published my game. My character touched an especific part of the car, and this is what happened:



I inserted my model 1 week ago, I daily tested it/ drive it and there was no problem, but today I watched this “Virus”.



I am not sure if this is a virus or just a script that activates when you touch a specific part of the car. Have you performed a Virus Scan? Since scripts that causes images to appear on your screen are hardly viruses.


Many free models are infected with these “viruses” and there is not much you can do to fix that other than to delete the script which causes the issue.

This is one of the primary reasons you should always try to avoid using free models in your game.


That’s just a troll and a trigger.

Like it does hack you or anything but yeah it’s stupid.

It can be a troll, but its very important to look at them,for example, imagine a 9 years old child is playing adopt me and this image covers in his screen…
Thanks for your feedback!


Agreed. All good man, glad to see you saving people out there.


Then again I doubt the creators of Adopt Me would be searching up random Lamborghini models and placing them into their game or imaging nine-year olds searching up random Lamborghini models in Roblox Studio (if they even know that Roblox Studio is or if it even exists). Furthermore, Adopt Me uses a local script so the activation wouldn’t even affect anyone.

Well, it was a weird example, sorry for the confusion!

That should be a local script inserted in the vehicle, and that there is a GUI or a frame that comes out when sitting down, that could be some kind of trolling, keep in mind that some models spread to others and infect most models, I suppose that maybe he infected another one or created an invisible script (that has already happened) that the only thing he wants is to troll or just annoy,so it is recommended that you do what many tell you to scan using a plugin, this is not a virus, it is a script for that you need a scanner for that or look for the name of a GUI or Frame in the browser of the explorer to see where it is or just unfold everything and go investigating

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That’s not a virus, but I don’t know what it will be because a virus is a Vaccine or something else that lag

I searched on the model, but I saw nothing ,then , I deleted the model, I wish the problem ends.
Thanks for your feedback!

I hope I have helped you, and keep in mind that free models are not an ultra option of being a developer, try to use meshes or objects from roblox to avoid this type of troll virus

you really did not search at all:
Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 10.39.02 AM


Thanks, Im not a very good scripter, and I sometimes dont understand codes…

The best we can do for now is to report the model, and use this post as evidence.

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It’s easy to solve this! First:

  • Clean all the scripts in the model. Delete any fire effects and boom! You will have a clean model.

If you want to keep a script, be careful and also use Ctrl + F to search words in the script. Try finding suspicious words. Hope it helps!

In my opinion making your own models is better, but feel free to try the options listed above!

I always use my own models, Im a builder, and I am learning to script, but its difficult for me, I have to use free models, causeI have no-one to script a car!
Of course, my coming-up game will be professional, when is released it will have 0 free models, I just added that car for a few time.
Thanks for your feedback!