Free model with virus, but without scripts

I used a free model, apearantly it has a virus. It had no scripts but it is still working somehow.
After i removed it, it looks like it was removed, but is it though?

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Can you describe your problem for briefly? If it’s removed, then it should be removed as well.

I removed the model, i was wondering if it did permanent damage.

Why would it did permanent damage? I never see any virus that has this ability.

Check the entire game for scripts, if one of them is not one you made then delete it. Virus makers are getting smarter because it might not have all been in just a single model, check if it inserted more than 1 item/model. It can also be a plugin you have installed.

It’ll see like the free model doesn’t have any scripts but they do, maybe try checking every part, in the model, or maybe simply try looking up “script” inside the search bar.

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