Free Models/Copyright

I’m currently coding/designing a sword fighting game.
I want to use the Classic Sword made by Roblox but just the script, audio, and maybe the animation for my own Sword models.
Is this allowed?
Will it be copyrighted since I’m not using the original model?

I did look around on the forums and I think I can, I would just like to be sure since I’m putting a lot of time and effort into this game.


I believe that it’s completely fine to use it, I just think that you need to give credit or at least thank the creators someway. Since the creators of it are ROBLOX, maybe you don’t need to give credit? but it’s better to be safe than sorry


The way Roblox has always handled the toolbox is that anything on free models, public images, public audio, etc. are “public domain”. Public domain means that the creator gives up all rights to their work and opens it for anyone to use as they wish with no strings attached.

In other words, if you find it on free models, you can do whatever you want with it and don’t have to credit or pay anyone for it.