Free or Paid Private servers? Which is best?

  • Free Servers, paid admin panel
  • Paid servers, free admin panel
  • Other (comment)

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I’m trying to decide whether free or paid private servers are the move. I have an admin panel that private server owners would be able to use. Would it make more sense to have free private servers, and put the admin panel behind a paywall, or paid Private servers and just give the admin panel out to the owner on join?
I feel that retention would be higher if I gave free private servers out but monetization might be lower.

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Wasn’t there an incentive for having free private servers? Was that removed?

You could do paid servers but at 10 Robux. The price matters.

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Think the incentive was having a dedicated tab on Discover for games with free private servers. Not sure if it’s still around

Honestly, it depends on your game if you game is like Voxel Destruction Physics that can get chaotic I would do free servers

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free servers, paid panel upsides: panel is optional, if you dont want the panel but want everything else, you can still get it, and for free.

paid private server downside: if someone wants just a specific thing, like the admin panel, they can’t get it and instead have to pay for everything.

having a paid admin panel free private server means greater range of use so thats what i pick

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