Free Photo-Mode with Visual-Settings

A while back I decided to make a visual settings gui & ‘Picture/Photo mode’ (because it seemed easy and I’m a beginner). Today I decided to open-source it so that others can use it in their games.

What does it do?
→ It has a settings gui that you can toggle.
In the settings gui you can adjust various factors that are - Field of View, Depth of Field, Black & White mode, sunrays, toggle celestial bodies, atmosphere density.

→ Aside from that to toggle Photo mode, you press ‘P’. It hides all guis on screen and lets you move your camera freely to adjust an angle. It isn’t freecam and players cannot zoom all the way out!

Everything you need is in StarterGui and Lighting.

It isn’t too great of a resource but when I made this as a beginner, I was happy :sweat_smile:
Feel free to use it for yourself; you may credit me, but it is not mandatory.
However, there are some donation options in the game if you wish to donate to me
(delete the donation gui when you use the model; or maybe consider it as another resource)

game link (open sourced)
(2) In-Game Photomode - Roblox

rbxl file
photomode.rbxl (36.7 KB)