Free-Ranking, good or bad for a Cafe?

Hello! So the answer to my question is pretty obvious but actually it isn’t.
So I’m hiring over the GRP. I have to put something like “Hiring LRs, MRs and HRs” on my booth or no one will be interested. So after they are, I give them a few simple questions they have to answer. If it’s correct, they get the rank, so it’s pretty much free-ranking, the questions are really easy.

So I have to do that to get more players join my group but on the other hand it’s not good as it makes my group look less professional and easy to abuse. So what do you think I should do?

  • Continue hiring HRs over the GRP.
  • Stop hiring HRs over the GRP. It makes your group look less professional altough you would get less members if only hiring LRs or MRs.

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Horrible, I have ran a lot of cafe’s. You need to make staff work for the spot. If they are only visiting your booth for the rank then they don’t care about the group they just want the rank. I suggest growing a community over discord, and using ads. Just don’t use GRP in general.

I have stopped running cafe’s as of a few days ago as I am trying to become a developer although if you have questions DM me on the Dev Forum! I can try and help.

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How would I grow a community over discord?
Shouldn’t I try growing a community for my group first, and then making them join my discord?

Personally I found better success in a Discord Community first as then you have contact with your community, where as in your group not everyone will join the community. I hope that answers that.

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And how did you make people join your discord? Why would anyone just join a Cafe Discord server, without even playing the Cafe, lol?

I invited a lot of friends, after that it kinda just grew I added the discord onto Social Links

After I did that I ran some ads and some people joined. It is hard to grow the community but I got it done, you can also form alliances with other groups and post them inside your discord.
I use these ways although there are many other ways.


If you have any more questions DM me on the Dev Forum :slight_smile: I’d be happy to assist.


I just stumbled upon this post but I own a Cafe called Grandè and we are growing and we used GRP a lot. You see I hired HRs via the GRP but used an application and training process. So they’d need to apply via application then if pass they would require HR training. I only did this so I had a solid staff team for release.


Hello, I am the owner of Starblox Cafe. I think that free-ranking can result in many problems such as admin abuse, group raiding and giving your group a bad name. Although it is extremely hard to find dedicated and experienced SHRs, anything is better then free-ranking.


i agree although a non free-ranked member can Admin Abuse at any time. A new cafe needs a solid staff team so free-ranking at the start is good to an extent.


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Hey there, this is a super late response to your question but no. If I were you I wouldn’t continue doing that as from experience, if staff don’t have to work for their role, they won’t value it.

The best thing to do in my opinion if you are a new-ish group, is to create a simple application center for LRs (you can use Hyra or a similar programme for this) and then to offer promotions to active staff members. When you’re just starting out, still make sure you have standards though.

Another thing loads of groups do is to open up applications which you can announce here on DevForum and your Discord server if you have one. You’ll then be able to select those that had the best applications to join your team.


If you put it on your group, it will grow over your time. To grow a group you don’t actually need advertisements. I’m the current owner of Fresh Dentist with over 15,000 members. The group is active and we have a full staff.

I started completely from scratch and it was my first group ever, gradually our group and Discord server have just grown naturally, and we now have over 1000 people in our Discord server too.