Free Renders to Use


Hello! I am Cylexzone. Instead of doing commissions I decided to post free renders for anyone to use for GFX, logos, etc. Below are the rules are what you CAN and CAN’T do. Please read them and follow them or I will stop making these.


Thing you can do
  • Use them for any GFX or game you want
  • Use them for commissions however you must state that the renders aren’t yours
Things you can't do
  • Claim these as your own
  • Sell the renders by themself


A problem came up and I am going to make sure all of the renders are transparent. They should be done sometime this week. Any images up are working! Due to school and being busy today I will try to put in time!




Application Render1


This part is newer and sadly has not been added yet. :frowning:

Basic Avatar Renders



None recommend yet! You can suggest something below and it might be added.

How to Upload

You can right click the image and hit ‘Save Image As’ After that find a folder to put it in for your pictures. NOTE: these already have a transparent backround.


You can reply down below any suggestions and it will be added under “Recommend.”

-Cylexzone :slight_smile:


Great renders… however sadly they are all useless. The white background prevents us from applying a background to them without the use of Photoshop (I believe), which most devs cannot afford.

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You can always use Paint net which is a free image/photo editing software used by a lot of people. Managed to make the background transparent in 5 seconds.


True, but it’s a lot easier and simpler to have it on transparent instead of forcing people to download other programs to use the renders.

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My apologies on that. I can look into them and maybe fix them. I didn’t realize.

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I’m pretty sure the chef one would work now. If it does please message me again so I can update all of them again.

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Works! :slight_smile:
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you can export your renders as png in the camera settings in blender btw


Well if you think about it, you’ll end up needing a image/photo editing software either way to edit the renders. You wouldn’t set the render by it’s self as a game/group Icon.

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You can always use random free google background remover websites.