Free Resources (Thank you)

Hey Devforum, I am instinctgaming123 (also known as Warrior), I am a scripter and I do a small amount of building and modelling aswell.

I have been using the Devforum for a few months now and I really appreciate all of the help I’ve had on here, so I decided to combine a bunch of my assets which I haven’t used yet and sort them into a pack for anyone’s use. There is a HD version and a low-poly version of each asset

I also decided to make a free simulator kit as a lot of beginners choose simulators as their first project and could be struggling understanding scripting.
Feel free to use whatever you find, and there are instructions in the READ ME script in the workspace.

Thank you so much for your help guys, enjoy the pack! :heart:

The pack:

Asset Pack

Minecraft-style items

The simulator kit:

Simulator Kit


simulatorGameTemplate.rbxl (43.8 KB)

You may use these anywhere you want, although i wouldn’t recommend selling it as your own as its just scummy and eventually people will find out. Other than that I don’t mind what you use it for.

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Thanks for the support for the short time I have been here, it has truly helped me improve a lot and I 100% encourage using the devforum for help or feedback as it really does work. Have a good day! :heart: :smile:


These are great. I will look towards using these in the future, for some other projects I have planned. I’m definitely tipping you. Well done!


Thank you, I will be sure to do more things like this in the future, and on a greater scale, so look out for that. Thank you for considering tipping, as it is completely optional. Have a great day!


All the colors are. to bright and its all made of parts:



again, just parts and textures. also repeated items


more repeated textures again


very cool!


legit just a overhead shot of the previous image.


Simulator kit

image this ui is very simple, but cute!


Its okay i guess… you need more practice though. being honest

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That’s probably why its a free resource. You shouldn’t criticize someone who is donating these for free.


Idk if you read any of the text above, but I am not asking for feedback, I’m just giving out free assets I don’t need anymore.


fair enough, but please be more helpful rather than just calling something

why is it bad? what could i do to improve it? and I know its basic, its meant to be customizable for the developer.


These are great, I will definitely be using these for an upcoming game, thank you very much! :slight_smile:


it shows 2 cylinders, shop and sell, the models can be created within 30 seconds.

for the tool it shows a tool. no one can guess if you click it or not, or is it just there?

you can improve this by saying what some of it does. for the tool, if you can click it you can maybe put like “You can click the tool to get cash to sell for currency!”

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image same with this. can you buy stuff?

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Yes! Good feedback finally, although I think its pretty obvious what a tool in a simulator would do. But well done. The cylinders is because its a kit, I am not providing detailed assets for the kit as I do not know what theme everyone’s simulators are. Also, this kit is mainly targeted at beginners to scripting, so using detailed assets isn’t necessary. The whole idea of making this was a quick start for new developers to understand game development and how it works. I saw your topic the other day about your new game “Paradise Island” and it seems you are not very new to game development so it wasn’t really targeted at you but thanks for the feedback anyway.


Why is there a obfuscated script in Camera?

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no idea, probably one of my plugins, ill check now

i’ve just checked other projects and its there on all of them so either its a default roblox script (unlikely) or its a plugin, i’m not sure though

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Roblox does not obfuscate their scripts, it’s most likely one of your plugins


Totally gonna check out that simulator kit, maybe make something small off of it.


Just because something is free doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it. Feedback is important for improving the resource!


Wow man this is some really good stuff :smiley: Thanks for the contribution!