Free showcase for use!

Hi All

I’ve created a new showcase that have left unlocked for everyone to enjoy!

I’ll leave a file download in this topic too for people to take instead of going though Studio!

Hope you all enjoy :smiley:

File:• Tokala Lake {SHOWCASE}.rbxl (6.5 MB)

Link to the showcase:



Looks amazing! Thank you for making it open source. :+1:


This is fantastic. I’ll be honest when I first glanced it reminded me of Skyrim. Excellent work!


That is The most Awesome thing i seen and It looks realistic as well!


Perfect. How much time did you spend on making this?


in total about 2 days straight with 3 days of planning so in total about 5 days :slight_smile:


Looks fantastic, thank you for making it public :grin:


Looks so realistic and yet awesome, perfect!

Nice job on it, and making it open source for other players to make showcases in the future! :+1:

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This is an excellent source for new builders out there!

The game overall is really amazing to see, everything is very detailed and I loved it. Something that came across my mind was the water wasn’t frozen, maybe have a layer of ice and a hole for a player to go into the water, those are my thoughts really.
The game kind of felt open, maybe you should consider adding rocks, flowers, mushrooms, etc.

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Wow, this is impressive! Nice work!
I’m wondering, how did you make the trees? They don’t look like anything that could be made directly in ROBLOX Studio. Were they made in Blender?

Amazing build! Thanks for making it open i will check it out!

Is it fine if i take some models?

This is amazing! I can now see how showcases work!

Amazing work. Whole lotta people grateful

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Wow I have visited that game and I really liked the showcase. Amazing job! You make about 1/2 the showcases on roblox.

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Ayy.! I played this game before…! It was awesome…! By the way, thanks for open sourcing it.!

Oh my gosh! This looks great! Can I use it in my game? I’ll give you credit and I’m going to add things to it.

This were already in the toolbox…

Wait, you are open sourced THIS Showcase?!

This build is Incredible, I always loved your games plus this could help me learn how models really work and… Orgenizing my Workspace because it’s an actual Mess :grimacing:

Anyway, Great job keep it up :+1:

Oh wait, this post is so old…