[FREE] The Ultimate Low Poly Asset Pack! [ADDED MORE ASSETS]

Welcome to The Ultimate Low Poly Asset Pack, the rise of the Low Poly King. No, im just kidding.


This model contains for FREE:

Asset Amount
Vegetation[+10] 22
Street 13
Buildings[+3] 12
Bonus 17
[NEW] Modular Assets [DUNGEON] 11
[NEW] Interior Assets [DESIGN] 23
[NEW] Maps 2

Vegetation asset = Different types of trees, Mountain, Rock, Stone, Stacked Logs, Cut Bark, Flowers, Torch, Landscape, Mini Islands, Plants …

Street asset = Light Poles, Street, Hydrant, Semaphore, Trash Cans, Vehicles…

Buildings = Houses, Hospital, Bank, buildings…

Bonus Asset = Weapons, Boxes, Pool table, and more…

Modular Assets [Dungeon] = Walls, floors, flags, detailed windows for you to set up your scenario in a dungeon style or however you want! Comes with a complete build for you to base yourself on…

Interior Assets [Design] = Sofa, TV, Tables, Carpet, Pillows, various types of interior objects for you to assemble your interior scenery. It comes with a ready-made podcast studio build for you to build on.

Maps = 2 maps completely ready for you! A map of an Island and another of a City! get inspired by them.


I’ll show you some images, the rest you can check the model to see all asset images!





Torch and Vegetation

(NEW) Low Poly Landscape

(NEW) Vegetation Overview


Arcade Machine


Textured Boxes

Pool Table


Trash Cans



Light Pole

[NEW] Modular Assets [Dungeon]

Modular Assets

[NEW] Interior Assets [Design]



Interior Assets Overview

[NEW] Maps

City Map

Island Map

Model Link

After seeing the images, you already wanted to get the model, didn’t you? That’s why I’m going to make the link available here so you can have access to this amazing free low poly content made by me:

Update 31/07/2022: Added more Assets, Maps, Builds and Much more!

Feel free to use this model in your game or anywhere you like! Credits are appreciated but not required.


Very nice! Thanks for making this free for the community. Great work and keep it up!


You mean traffic light?

Exactly! Looks like the Google Translate let me down this time, haha. Sorry for the mistake in the word!

Ur welcome. It’s an honor to help the community in some way. Thanks for the feedback!

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I Edited the topic, i added several new assets to the model! Read the topic and check everything that was added.

Update 31/07/2022: Added more Assets, Maps, Builds and Much more for FREE!

Model link in topic!

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Damn! I saw this when the post was first released, thanks for giving so many assets to the community!


Damn. This pack is amazing and I just want to say my thanks. Great work!