Free to use Poly Kit

Hi! I have created a free poly kit for you to use in your building!

Link: instinctgaming123's Pallette - Roblox

This pack includes:

  • A variety of material presets

  • Extra shapes

  • Wedges and cylinders


Feel free to use this and there is one rule to using this:

  • No reuploading or claiming it as your own

Enjoy the pack :smiley:


Aren’t most of these just default roblox parts with the default materials?


Thx For The Kit. This Is Really Helpful Thx So Much!


I think, but idk, If another make a pack (different textures) what would happen? :thinking:

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The capsule shape is what I’m looking at.

If that’s low poly it will be super useful for regular roblox building

no more cylinders with half circles on both ends.


No worries I originally made it for my own use but figured it would be useful for others :slightly_smiling_face:

im confused? explain :joy: :joy:

yeah the capsule is pretty nice :slight_smile:

yeah but for easy access I made it into a pack. You can obviously re-upload any default Roblox materials.

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