Free To Use Roblox Studio Wallpaper

:wave:t4: Hello everyone! I’m a intermediate 3D GFX artist. I made this GFX for practice with Blender 2.9. You can use this wallpaper if you would like. If you have any feedback please reply below all feedback is appreciated and it helps me out a lot.

:heart: Thanks!


Looks good! Maybe make the logo facing the viewer, not at an angle.


Thanks for the feedback! I will change it.

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I actually dissagree, I think it looks sick how it is! If it is flat, it may potentially lose some of its 3D characterists. It is amazing work, @Thorize!


Lol can I use it it looks so good!

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Thank you! And yes you can use it.

Damn that Looks AMAZING!!! I will use this wallpaper for now on.

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Really cool! It reminds me of the truth fight from Isle. image

Sorry, I couldn’t find a better image.


Wow, just wow! I need to use this as my Wallpaper. Amazing work!

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Really nice GFX I have no constructive criticism just here to say good work.


That’s really good! I saw I could use it so brb changing wallpaper

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It looks great! The logo it self looks a bit low quality compared to the background though. Maybe add some texture to the logo itself as well?

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Hello! I made three more different color combinations. You have permission to use it for your wallpaper if you want.


I wanna learn to make gfx like this. How did you learn and where do you suppose I go to learn?

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I will definitely be using this for my wallpaper.


It looks really good, and yeah I love the angle. Really cool wallpaper!

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@evqvIs to much light i would like a dark one


Really cool wallpaper you made good job. :+1:

Also, would you make the wallpaper 4K or 2K (1440p).

Edit: Make a yellow or gold design.

Another Edit: I added the wallpaper to make desktop and I don’t like how I can see the pixels. Like I said bump the resolution up to 4K it takes a longer time to render but its worth it.

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Awesome job!

This looks really amazing.

I’ve also noticed you made different colours of them too!

Could you possibly make a purple one? (all though I’m a bit late asking about this)

Overall, amazing job. I will be using this as my wallpaper

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Alright! I will bump the quality up. Thanks for the feedback!