Free Utopia Map

Hey everyone!

I’m returning to Roblox development after some time away. I’ve been deciding what to do with a lot of my old assets and things that were never used for anything. Some of them I’m confident in selling, but others are not at a standard where I feel comfortable taking money for – however, I don’t want them to stay sitting there without use.

I’m planning on making a bunch of my old assets into free models for anyone to use. Here’s the first map I’m giving away for free:

You can get the model for free, including lighting & effects, here: Utopia Map - Roblox

As a sidenote, I also made this small Old Roblox inspired asset pack: Old Roblox Pack - Roblox

I hope people can get some use out of this map as a placeholder, or even transform it into something more appropriate for a game! If you make anything cool out of this, feel free to leave it in the replies :slight_smile:


Wow, this looks really good. Thanks for the free map. I will be sure to use this. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


really good I kinda like this map

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Thank you very much, I think I will definitely use it!

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Wow!! This is amazing! I will sure use this in my games!

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This map is so beautiful, thank you for this :heart: