Free Webhosting for ROBLOX Groups + Free Domain

Hi Developers!

I got bored so I decided to make an entirely free hosting service just for ROBLOX Groups and Communities. No fees, entirely free. No paid plans whatsoever.

With the domain and free hosting, you can make websites to sell assets that you make, create a website for your studio or roleplay group, and many other things. You can create a ticket system, a database, redirects, forums and everything else you need to expand your ROBLOX Community. The subdomain also looks professional while being able to identify your community with ROBLOX.

I’m not earning anything off of this as it’s all entirely free, but I hope you guys enjoy using it and if you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me.

Let me know what you think and of any changes, you think I should make. Thanks!

More info and FAQ here:



Wow! This sounds really cool. I’m definitely going to use this in the future.

Just one question: Does this have security protection in place, so bad actors doesn’t get access to our databases and such?


I’m glad you like it!

And of course! Everything is pretty secure - DA license is valid too and so on.


The concept seems great, but this will definitely get expensive over time. You probably should add a paid tier option with added benefits.


That’s why I’ve limited the service to only a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth per user. Plenty enough for what people want to do though!


This is pretty cool.
I would call this the best free low budget testing website.
Of course, any actual good DEVs will probably use discord servers or their own websites, it’s definitely a lot better even though it’s paid.
For example me, I think this website is cool but it’s not GOOD ENOUGH.
Don’t worry, you won’t need to improve it since it’s free


It’s great to give feedback, but you can’t just be saying something is good or bad and not provide any reasons why. I take issue with you drawing on the assumption that you need to make something yourself for it to be good or useful. Is there a reason why “it’s not GOOD ENOUGH” other than your arbitrary opinion?


Alright sorry it was my bad,
I’m comparing this to actually paid web domains, it’s more customizable.
And also discord provides better communication s. But afterall they’re paid so maybe a free one like this for noobs would be great

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It’s a bit disappointing that you haven’t addressed any of my concerns with your initial response in this follow-up. I didn’t say your opinion was incorrect, I was simply asking that you provide constructive criticism which can actually help the creator.
In regards to your comment that this service would be great for “noobs”, that’s just shallow. People look to Roblox as a free and achievable means of learning to create something and you shouldn’t shame them for it just because they don’t have the means to fork out money, particularly young aspiring developers.


Noob isn’t a negative word. For example if I’m a new builder, I would probably use a free website maker, but if we’re a group of the top tier DEVs, we would probably prefer using our own self-created good quality website, right?

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“Noob” implies incompetence. People are not incompetent because they cannot afford to/don’t want to invest money into development.

alright, it’s simple. This feature isn’t as good as paid websites made with hand. Where? Everywhere. Except it’s paid.

This looks great! However, I’m a bit discouraged by the requirement of Discord. Could there be alternate options of signing up?


Don’t, then.

If it’s free, why are you comparing it to paid services?

Your own website uses Weebly, a free website builder. I’m sure you’d be offended if I started saying your work was “not good enough” by comparing it to commissioned websites.

Additionally, it points to a 404.

It has a negative connotation. Most people find it an insult.


I do not own a website under my current ID, whether if it’s Roblox, DevForum, Fiverr, Discord or Youtube. Any thing that is not under the title of Megalodox, [UF], F.O.R.C.E.S or robloxchurch is not my personal nor professional medias. And I know an Indian friend who is very good at making websites, If I ever needs to use a website, I have the money.

I’m glad you like it! I’m looking to get a full interface set up where people can sign up and request a domain and DA panel through the site. The reason we keep it as manual approval at the moment though is to prevent spam and abuse of the service. Looking to hopefully change this in the future!


Alright, In simple words


Not best


For pros maybe pay

The word “noobs” means newbie. The only reason why it has a negative meaning is that words meaning new are commonly used as insults in multiplayer games. Also, he never said that they didn’t have money. But, in most cases, people would not want to pay money to learn something new. The word incompetent means “not qualified” Sorry to say but a new person would be seen as incompetent. That is where learning comes in.

Anyway, in my case, I would be hesitant to use this since it is entirely free with no paid options along with it being a brand new service. No offense to DoekeRBLX but people who know about web hosting and other things would likely avoid using this or wouldn’t hop on it that quick, to be honest, due to at least one of those reasons. Also, a lot of options with paid plans have free options so it is fair to compare them. I see this personally as a doomed-to-fail service.


Sounds cool, although by the looks of it, there’s a Discord requirement, which sucks for developers like me who don’t have Discord.

Are you planning to add an email verification system in the future?

Might move my website from Wix over to here if it’s good.

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What guarantee do we have that our files, database and such won’t be stolen nor used by yourself?