FreeCamera affected by geometry

Ever since the Camera controls were ported into Lua, the FreeCamera has become affected by objects. Moving backwards into a part causes the camera to stop moving, and moving forwards through (or even looking at) a part causes the camera to gain a very large burst of speed. Expected behavior is for the FreeCam to have no collisions with any geometry.

This issue happens every time. It can be reproduced in an empty place by pressing LShift-P and then either backing the camera into the baseplate or looking down at the baseplate, which will produce the effects detailed above.

This bug happens in all places that take advantage of the provided free camera. I can confirm that it happens in live builds.

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I’m looking into this. Can you provide a link to the affected place?

Oddly enough, I tried importing the free camera to a blank baseplate and found that the issue did not persist. It seems to be place-specific. Both games below use the exact same code. I’ve modified the freecam so that anybody can use it with the keybind LCtrl+C.

Place featured in gif

Blank baseplate with the same code, but no bug

Edit: I also noticed that Den_S mentioned this issue on the Camera Control post here, which makes me believe that this is a widespread issue.