FreeformDragger error when rotating over empty space

  1. Open a new baseplate and destroy the Baseplate and SpawnLocation instances
  2. Insert a new part
  3. Select the part and try to move it, notice it stays in place (expected)
  4. Press ‘R’ to rotate the part, notice the error in output:
builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerSchemaCore.FreeformDragger:106: attempt to index nil with 'baseCFrame'  -  Edit
Stack Begin  -  Studio
Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerSchemaCore.FreeformDragger', Line 106 - function _beginAnimation  -  Studio
Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerSchemaCore.FreeformDragger', Line 271 - function rotate  -  Studio
Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Implementation.DraggerStates.DraggingParts', Line 163 - function _tiltRotateFreeformSelectionDrag  -  Studio
Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Implementation.DraggerStates.DraggingParts', Line 138 - function processKeyDown  -  Studio
Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Implementation.DraggerToolModel', Line 368 - function _processKeyDown  -  Studio
Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.DraggerTools.DraggerToolComponent', Line 130  -  Studio
Stack End  -  Studio

Enrolled in Beta Channel.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

A fix in in the works; should go live at the beginning of the year.

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This bug has now been fixed in our production release. You should no longer see this issue.

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