Freezing on joining game

I am working on a Brooklyn game , and as I see my roblox freezes only when I join this game.

Yes, I checked scripts and plugins.

I can only load in while being in the studio.

Game Link: Brooklyn, New York - Roblox

Roblox pic:

It’s better you put your game public to we see it

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its public now, on accident I forgot it as friends only.

It still says that is private… you put also public?

try now (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

It seems I can’t also load in the game…

It seems strange because my computer never lags on any game…
I can’t even see my fps


I also saw that roblox stops, it doesn’t gets slow or anything, it simply stops. (I can’t even close roblox in task manager, it’s stuck)

What your game has? (cars? weapons? or what?)

Guns, a Character Creation system, a small map and some commands.

The map doesn’t even load, so I think it’s any script (maybe a hidden virus script or a script with some error).

You used any free model?

I already checked for scripts, and no there aren’t free models. I will check again for hidden viruses, maybe there is.

Maybe you should use this plugin GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA] - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

It’s paid, but it helped me a lot before.

If you can’t pay it, give me permission to edit your game that I have the plugin (there’s no problem if you don’t trust me about giving permission on the game, I understand that you shouldn’t want to give permission to a strange edit your things)

Yeah, I only got 24 robux and as you said about the trust part, it’s weird letting a stranger permissions to edit a game you are working on.

I removed all scripts from workspace and its still the same

Are you sure you removed all of them? Because if that’s the case, the problem it’s the map or the other scripts that aren’t on workspace that have some error with infinite loops or something like that.

The map was working before so it’s probably a script.

In task manager, check Roblox’s memory. If it is increasing, it means there’s audio that is attempting to play but Roblox didn’t allocate memory for it, causing a crash or buffer overflow (I’m not sure how it works internally).


I think you are correct, maybe there is an audio, and I will check right now in studio.

Nope, it isn’t a sound. I removed all sounds in workspace and only kept the ones I verified (removing the extra leftover sounds that I do not use aswell)

It was a script that uses while true do with no wait, thanks to everyone for trying to help out tho.

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