FRE$H° | Handbook

FRE$H° | Handbook
This is the handbook for FRE$H°, a ROBLOX group associating around the fashion industry and also gameshows.

Hello, welcome to the handbook where you can find lots of information and guidelines regarding our group, FRE$H°. There are multiple categories in which you can look at, and these will give you an overview of what our group is about, and what we would expect to see within our group.

Group description

FRE$H° is a fashion-based community which provides many services. We own a homestore, and we regularly update our clothing there, and there are many pieces of clothing that you can find and buy via the group store.

Not only do we sell clothing, but we would like to have an active and growing community and have something to entertain our members, which is why we host regular gameshows for our community to partake in. You can find the times and information via this Trello.

Rank descriptions

Fresh Model

This rank is given to all newcomers and people who have just joined the group and have little experience in our group, however it is quite easy to advance to another model rank, which will be explained how below.

Progressing Model

The members who are ranked to Progressing Model must have purchased at least 5 items of clothing from our homestore, or they could have won at least 5 of our gameshows, which are hosted regularly everyday.

Honoured Model

This rank is given to those who have purchased at least 10 items of clothing from our homestore, or have won at least 10 of our gameshows hosted regularly.

Talented Model

This is the highest achievable rank given to those who have won by participating in gameshows at least 20 times, or have purchased over 25 pieces of clothing.

Noted Model

Only given to those that we believe are most suitable, which includes somebody who is a representative from one of our alliances, or is well known to be a former MR or HR. If somebody desires to become a normal model rank, this is optional and can easily be removed, however it is dedicated to those who are heavily involved in our community and meet the guidelines above.


This is our first Middle Rank role, and can be achieved by applying for the role. The position is not permanent, as they should go through a trial phase, and if they are to pass it, they will be promoted to the Manager rank. If they happen to fail, we will judge whether or not they should be given another chance to improve or be removed from the team.


Given to newly promoted Interns, and are responsible for helping out at gameshows. Their duty is also to regularly supervise at the homestore, and have many other confidential duties within the Discord server. Unlike Interns, this place is permanent unless a situation occurs causing them to lose their rank.

General Manager

This Middle Rank is given to somebody previously of the Manager rank that has proven to us that they are dedicated with their position here and are willing to keep on benefiting us as a group by being a part of our MR team. They’re also able to co-host over at the gameshows, similarly to Managers, however do have more priority over them as they are a higher rank.

Coordinating Manager

This final MR rank is responsible for hosting within gameshows and also supervising at the homestore. Likewise, this is also earned by a promotion from hard work, dedication and activity as the previous rank.

Head of Management

This is the first HR rank, and they are able to complete many duties such as department work, and also have confidential duties behind their rank within the Discord server, etc. Similarly earned by working hard as a Middle Rank and must be fully trustworthy to be able to withstand this role.

Clothing Designer

These members have the ability to create clothes and design for our group, and their clothing items are placed in our homestore! This is not a rank that can be earned through hardwork, and these people are handpicked by the ownership team to become this rank, or have passed any applications that we have released to hire designers.

Elite Director

These HRs have the main duty of managing departments, for example managing most of the ranks below them to ensure they are doing their job appropriately, or managing alliances or events. They hold a lot of power, so to earn this rank you must have worked hard as a Head of Management and also must be deemed as a highly trustworthy individual to obtain it.

Elite Executive Director

This is the first Senior High Rank role, and these individuals are tasked to overlook the group and work alongside Administrative Council to help maintain the group. They can help manage departments, and are hand selected by the President and Vice Presidents.

Administrative Council

This rank is the highest achievable in the group, and are hand selected by the President and Vice Presidents. They are in charge of keeping the group a positive representation, and work alongside Elite Executive Directors to manage departments and promotions/demotions.

Development Team

Hinted by the name of the rank, these individuals are apart of the development process here at FRE$H°. They help to build the games, script them and all sorts to do with assisting the President and Vice Presidents with new, upcoming games. This rank can only be obtained if selected by the Ownership Team.

Vice President of FRE$H°

The assistants of the President, and help to run the group and make decisions which will highly effect the group. This rank is not earned by promotion, and the individuals holding this rank are not subject to change.

President of FRE$H°

The group owner and holder of the group.

Hiring guide

How can I be hired as an Intern at FRE$H?
Intern applications open frequently, and upon release, you can apply to become one within our Discord server, which is linked below the description of our ROBLOX group, here. If you happen to pass this application, you will be further instructed with a training session, and once you have passed you will become an Intern. Please note that this role is not permanent, and you will only be guaranteed to stay once you have passed your trial phase and been ranked to Manager.

How can I be hired as a Clothing Designer at FRE$H?
The role of Clothing Designer is currently always available to apply for. In order to apply, please contact a member of our Ownership Team, Vice President+, and let them know that you would like to apply. We will send you the application, and you will need to complete that and provide some of your examples, and once you have passed you will achieve the rank of Clothing Designer.

How can I be hired as a developer or builder at FRE$H?
On various occasions, we may decide that we need more developers or builders on our team, however this is not very frequent since we ensure that we are picking long-term builders and developers to join our team and satisfy our needs. If we ever need any, we will announce applications via our Discord server.

Affiliate information


1. Your group must have at least 150 members. This is so that we know we are allying with successful groups, and we know that we will be able to benefit off of each other. Your group cannot be botted. (Exceptions may be given, however this is on a rare occasion.)

2. Your group must have a good reputation. Bad reputations will negatively reflect onto our group if we were to form an alliance.

3. Your group must be active, and prove itself to be run professionally and efficiently. We’d like to ally with groups that we know will be able to uphold a good reputation and reflect positively on our group.

4. You must have a fully functional Discord server. You must provide us with 2 representatives that are able to be notified of our alliance notifications in our server.

Alliance Application

[1] Please provide us with a link to your group and Discord server.
[2] Give us some more information on your group. What’s it about and what do you aim to achieve for the future?
[3] How active is your group, and how many players do you have playing your games on average daily?
[4] Would you describe your group as professional and efficiently managed, and why?
[5] Why should we accept your alliance application, what makes you stand out from other groups?
[6] What will you be able to provide us that will positively impact our group, and what do you expect from us?
[7] Do you agree that your group will not negatively effect any areas of our group, and that you will always remain mature on our premises?

Once you have completed your alliance application and it is ready to send, please don’t hesitate to DM a member of Relations via our Discord server, with the application filled out in a Google document, and we will get back to you within 24 hours of your application!

Group rules

𝟏 | Always listen to our MR/HR Team. They are here to ensure that everybody has a good time, and they are to ensure that the group has a positive effect on everybody. If you have any complaints, don’t hesitate to contact an SHR with information.

𝟐 | No spamming is tolerated at all. Mass spamming will result in an instant ban in our games, as it is unnecessary in our premises, and is only done to cause disruption.

𝟑 | Show respect to everybody. If you fail to comply to this rule, you may be asked to stop by a member of staff. If you fail to do so, you will be warned and kicked if continued, then if you come back and carry on, you will be warned again and instantly banned upon failure to stop.

𝟒 | No advertising at all. If you choose to ignore this rule, you will be banned. This includes placing links into our chats or group wall and also repeatedly mentioning it in conversations and getting our members to join a particular group.

𝟓 | MR+ will need to use grammar within our premises as it is a mandatory rule here. However, to our models, grammar isn’t mandatory.

𝟔 | Most of all, have fun! Anyone that is doing something that is not previously mentioned in our rules, that is having a negative impact on our group will be supplied with consequences also.

𝟕 | We do not tolerate any type of discrimination anywhere associated with our group, and those that we catch will be kicked, and if continued, banned. This includes racism, homophobia, etcetera.

𝟖 | All capital letters are fine, as long it is not continuous in attempt to cause disruption or be rude.

𝟗 | Group raids are not tolerated. If there are large groups of people attempting to cause trouble in our games, it is likely that we will remove you from our games and possibly blacklist or ban you.

𝟏𝟎 | Anything else associated with rule-breaking that is negatively impacting our games will be dealt with in the correct manner by our members of staff.

If you happen to see any of these rules being violated, feel free to contact a member of our MR/HR team.

Additional links

Roblox group
Twitter account

If you have any questions or concerns, forward them to an MR+ via our Discord server, which is located underneath the group’s description.