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Hello there! I know most of you don’t know me as of yet since I was keeping myself on the low and slowly building my portfolio before I can I release my services to everyone. :slight_smile:
First off I’d like to introduce myself, I am a student. I specialize in localization support as mentioned just now, I am an aspiring French and Spanish Translator to be more accurate. I’ll elaborate a little bit more; I am a fluent French speaker, and I was born in Belgium and I’ve lived in Belgium for more than 10 years until I recently moved to the UK for further education. As for Spanish, this is due to my mom’s side being Spanish and me constantly visiting the country since childhood, through the years I picked it up and learned it without even realising, at first I was a bit hesitant on doing Spanish since it was going to be double the work, but later on I decided to add it the list. :sweat_smile:

I have translated many games and looking forward to translating many more, the games I have contributed to as a Translator have accumulated more than 662.5 MILLION VISITS! Anyways that’s enough talking from me, lets dive into experience and showcase, well here below you could see the game:

Why should my game be translated?

This may come off as shocking to a lot of people but Spanish and French are one of the most common languages spoken online, there are more than 750 million people who speak Spanish worldwide and French wouldn’t be a surprise considering the fact that it is the official language of 29 countries worldwide.

Ok, so you may be wondering how ROBLOX comes into all of this? Well here below is a graph provided by ROBLOX themselves breaking down their users:
With most of robloxians being under 9 to 12 by implementing languages like French or Spanish you would interact not only the Hispanic community but all of the French Community.

Why me and not google translate?

Why choose me over someone else?
It’s really up to you because I am pretty sure there are a lot of talented translators out there infact far more better than I am, however, if you choose me then you can be assured that you’ll be working with someone who actually does his work on time and at a really fast rate. Also taking into the fact that I am actually fluent into these languages, French is my mother tongue, I didn’t learn it as a hobby or anything, as for Spanish you could say I learned it due to my mother side being Spanish.
Why choose you over even any translation device/dictionary? True, however, if you’re a native speaker like me then you would know that those devices are inaccurate and don’t depend on the context, they just translate however seeing the context words and meanings can change, which can differ your game and make it confusing to the native audience, part of me becoming a translator was because of this, I used to play a lot of games and growing I saw a language barrier, especially in story mode games and games with a lot of text.I also noticed that the games that were translated had mistakes and some words were inacurate, yes you would be using a dictionary to translate word per word, but as a sentence will it really make sense? No.

Due to lockdown, I am available for 10 hours a day, and I have nothing else better to do. Hence why my work is done relatively quickly but efficiently. Sometimes I might be busy but shoot me a dm on discord or ping me if needed :))

Prices are entirely dependant on the number of strings which makes my rate really flexible and negotiable, after knowing the number of strings I can charge per string. However, normal rates of 199R$ may apply(negotiable). I accept Paypal USD/ ROBUX VIA FUNDS OR SHIRT

You can always contact me on devforum, however if you would like a fast response you can contact me on discord: rains#8331
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I can attest to this. SxnfulParadox translated every word and sentence in Gravity Shift to French in less than a day. Good work, reasonable price, and was willing to make some minor adjustments after-the-fact to ensure phrases fit into the space available.

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SxnfulParadox is an excellent translator and overall a very friendly person. Sxnful translated Flash Universe to French fairly quickly in an effective manner and was also willing to negotiate the payment. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to translate their game to French!


Also here to share my experience – SxnfulParadox helped us translate our game Would You Quiz to French. Their work was incredibly fast and high quality, and I cannot recommend them enough. We had a lot of cells that needed translating ASAP, but it was no challenge for Sxnful!

Thank you again for working with us and glws! :muscle::flag_us: :handshake: :flag_fr::muscle:
~ The Trobulate Team (@Quenty, @martxn, @unroot)


Yup! Awesome job! We really had a good time working with them!

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Hired SxnfulParadox to work on French Translations for Zombie Task Force, He was super patient and worked very fast at his translations. We were super impressed with his professionalism and and his Daily Communication. We will be hiring for future works.

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SxnfulParadox translated Laundry Simulator into French really fast!

Thanks for the great work :slight_smile:


How much did you pay? I wont go over 100 rubux

SxnfulParadox translated Tower TO Hell in French extremely quick! Nice working with them!


Very effective communication and quick work with the translations. Totally a translator I will end up using again!

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@Equartite Owner of Pet Tycoon :slight_smile:

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@x_plxsma Owner of Drift Paradise :slight_smile:

Update: Added couple of more titles :slight_smile: Thanks for reading!

Hi. My friend is forming a development team and is in need of a translator long term check his post for more information

Forming Development Team [DISCONTINUED] Or me. Don’t matter.

Added a new game! Services Open!

Rains did French translations for our game (Factory Simulator) with ease. He was very timely with the translations, and completed them pretty quickly. With everything considered, I’d say his services were great. :+1:

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So are you saying 150R per string?

Yes, I am indeed. Do you have any questions?

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I hired Sxnful for French and Spanish, he was willing to do both! I ended up not needing the french anymore, but he did a good job starting the french and a great job translating to english! I can recommend him as a translator to any devs looking for spanish or french translations for their game :slight_smile:

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