French Quarter inspired 'Bourdon' street

Hi, I’m new to the DevForum although I’ve been building for quite a while now, looking for feedback on my ‘Bourdon’ street, New Orleans build.
5 hours total building time.

Credits to yak33 for the original bush model which I edited to my preferences


WOW so epic dude for a new one you are so talented

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Your building is very Awesome :+1:

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You have very good building skills

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That is nice! Looks very cool!

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Very nice!
What seems strange to me about the building in the third picture are those plants and I think a lot of them.
In summary, very good!
Keep up the good work!

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This is really nice! I can remember this exact street from when I was there and it looks really similar. Keep up the good work!

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I agree, the amount of plants on the building do seem a bit odd, I reduce the ones in the first floor to 3 plants. Thanks for your feedback!

I appreciate your comment a lot since I tried to recreate the buildings and arrangement like it was in the real life photo I had

This all looks really nice, but the last pic, those plants look all the same, try rotating them so they look different like in real life