[French] Zed's Localization Services [OPEN] Repost

About Me :bookmark:

Hi! I’m Zed, a French translator/localizator for hire. French is my main and native language and I’ve been learning and studying English since I was about 5, mainly because of Roblox. I currently live in Quebec, Canada where French is the official language.

Showcase :hammer:

Here are the games I have translated:

Risky Ropes, by Marmelade Studios
Flicker, by JJ Studios
Ronopoly, by Apollo Gaming
Sadly, Flicker’s translation hasn’t been added yet but I can show proof of translation and payment.

Here’s how I work when translating:

I will start translating each string. If I’m unsure about a string, I will put a little asterisk along with either a c which stands for context or a +, which means that I’m really confused about a string. When I am done, I will ask you questions on a few strings in order to make sure every string is translated perfectly. After I get context, I will go over each string one by one and try to translate it the best way possible.

Availability :spiral_calendar:

You can contact me anytime and I will respond as soon as I can. On weekdays, I will be available from about 4:30pm EST to 10pm EST and from 7am to 8am. On weekends, I will be available most of the time. But please keep in mind that translations can take a while, usually a week since I don’t want to only translate for two days straight!

Payment :heavy_dollar_sign:

I currently only accept payment in robux, from either funds or t-shirt. I charge usually 20 to 30 robux per string but I can try and adapt to your budget. My goal is to have some form of revenue on Roblox, so if you can’t afford 20 robux per string it’s totally fine.

Contact :phone:

You can contact me via Discord or on the devforum. My Discord Tag is Zed#4400 and my Discord ID is 302555421414129665.

Thank you so much for reading my portfolio! If you have any questions please ask them here or on Discord. If you’d like proof of my work, I can send you proof on Discord.

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Zed did a great job translating Ronopoly to French. Would recommend for anyone looking for French translation.