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I released a major update to my game Frenzy Sprint. It’s basically an adaptation of those “Obby King” games and such. On most of those games, you get a mini-obby to play. My game is slightly different in the sense that you only get a single obstacle or two to complete (I did this with the intention of keeping the game fast-paced). I’ve luckily crushed all the known bugs with the latest update, but I’m conflicted as to which game icon I should use.

When I first released the game into its beta stage, I used the following icon:

After asking for some advice, I decided to update the icon as it was difficult to see what was happening when the pixel density was decreased (aka the resolution being shrunken to 128x128). I changed the icon to this:

I did this for a number of reasons: To name a few, I wanted to have the character in the center frame and also liked the general look of it, compared to the first one. I’ve used this icon for a couple weeks now, but I want to mix it up a little since I don’t think it looks as good as it could. I changed the game icon to this:

However, I feel like it doesn’t pop enough, and that was the same issue I had with the 2nd icon. I can’t really pinpoint what it is, so I wanted some different types of advice.

  • Which icon do you like better, the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? (I put this in a poll but if you want to be more descriptive please give a typed response.)
  • Depending on which icon you think has the most potential, how do you think I could edit it so that it could pop more? (Note that I’m not asking for you to create an icon for me, I just want suggestions for how to make it pop more.) Or do you think I should scrap all of them and create another one from scratch? Whatever you decide, know that I’m looking for one that has more action. I want it to represent the game by showing a player jumping through one of the obstacles.

First, for the poll - which icon has more potential?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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Second, how could I make the highest-potential icon pop even more? Or should I just create another one?

Please respond to this via a typed reply, as a poll isn’t going to be efficient enough to cover a question like this.

Thank you to everyone who responds! :smiley:


Add like some sort of effect or filter to the first one?

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Try exporting those scenes into blender an OBJ, then do some awesome lighting and I think it will improve the quality of the render, background, etc.

Not bad, would try to clean up the background on the “Frenzy Sprint” text though.

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Well let’s get to main points:
• The camera is too close
• Render it for sure
• Increase Lighting

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Nice! I think the lighting has some space to be improved. If you cant export all the things into blender as obj, then I recommend using different skyboxes right in Roblox studio.
Another lighting improvement method can be using the realism mod plugin.

Wish you luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you everyone for the quick responses! I’m not at my computer right now but when I get on I’ll be sure to try out your suggestions.

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I’d recommend you to use blender for your game icon, there’re tons of tutorials in YouTube and you can learn it very quickly. If you don’t want to make it on blender, I’d suggest you to make the characters R15 instead of R6 to allow the character to have better poses. You can also make it a shadow map to make shadows visible. About the icon, I think you can change it’s font to make it better. Hope I helped!

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On the third image, part of the girls shoe is missing. Other than that, they all look great! Keep up the good work!


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It’s not missing. The color of the shoe is the same as the wall behind the character…

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Oh, okay. It must have been my bad eyes. Sorry.

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The lighting needs a lot of improvement in my opinion. And the image itself is pretty low-quality.
I’d recommend trying higher resolution and better lighting.

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To be honest, I would hire someone to do your icons or maybe render the avatars better and add lighting.

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Thanks for everyone’s responses. This was my first time trying blender but I think it looks okay for a beginner:

Now I’m thinking of adding text and stuff to put the title on. Does anyone have suggestions for free photo editing software? I’ve struggled to find free and/or safe downloads. Btw: I’m on a Mac so not all software might work, but suggestions would be appreciated regardless.

Edit: I’ve used a “photo editing” software and you’ll never guess what it is. Anyway, here’s the icon I made:

All feedback appreciated! :smiley:

Hey, asking for ratings from 0 to 10 is classed as spam. Anyways, I like it. Maybe render the entire icon and add an outline to the character. Hope you appreciate my feedback :slight_smile:

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Hey, @ActiveFrenzy Its not My best work But I made a GFX for you if you want it?

Lets just call this “Fan Art”

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