Fresh Feedback on a Game [Blox Flipper - Test Alpha]

Hi everyone! I just released the Test-Alpha Version of Blox Flipper! (Inspired by House Flipper)

The actual gameplay doesn’t contain much

Paint System (Walls on 6 directions)
Tile Placement System (at the moment only for floor)
Trash pick up and drop System

Work in Progress for more and more Systems
Work in Progress for Bug Fixes and Implementations

NOTE: Textures are actually not connected so different tiles sizes with same texture will cause the texture to be not connected

If you want to clean your painter use the water bucket
If you want to delete the tiles you have use the apposite part

This topic has been made to get some fresh Feedbacks on this game, also i will open an Update Log in another Topic in the future and if you want any suggestions or Bug reports are accepted in this topic

If you want to se this game completed and with more and more updates, systems, materials and levels please leave a like to the game if you want and let me know here.

Said this, have fun in this little Test-Alpha of Blox Flipper!

EDIT: Minor bugs fixed, some text erros and parts anchored.


Is that supposed to happen?
Also the trash bag isnt even attached to my hand ;-;

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I noticed that studio hasn’t saved the script with the CFrame part, fixng right now!

Published with the fix, now it should be attached to your UpperTorso and always in front of you

About the fact that is literally floating i’m working to place an animation where you have something in hands. (Still WIP)


Waiting for some Feedbacks about the game