Fresh new look for the Game Badge Details & Configuration Page!


Hey Developers,

The Game Badge Configuration page has been updated with a fresh new look. The page has been redesigned to match the rest of the Roblox site, and only includes functionality relevant to game badges.

Summary of the changes:
Changes on Badge Details page:

  • Removed comments and favorites (currently, only assets can have these features, and game badges will no longer be assets; see below)
  • URL is changing from /library/{id}/{name} to /badges/{id}/{name}

Changes to Badge Configuration page:

  • Redesigned to match the rest of the website (as the game passes configure page was)
  • Now is limited to only include options currently relevant to badges (e.g. now includes activation switch)

You can check out the new pages below:

Game Badge Details Page:

Game Badge Configuration Page:

These changes are in preparation for a change later in the year that will move game badges away from being assets. An announcement will be posted in the coming months with more details on how that change will be rolling out.

Developer Relations Team


I mean, it’s not really a favourable change:

But I think we all understand the reasoning behind it and why it has to be done.


Definitely looks more polished, I like the inclusion of the character limit visualizer. It’s unfortunate that comments have been removed, but I guess it fits in line with everything else. Thanks for letting us know!


So much more user friendly :smile:


What is Roblox’s definition of “asset”?
For example, hats have favorites but no comments, are they considered half assets?

I have badges for my game and was planning on adding more. I’m concerned now, I don’t know what this means. Will they will no longer be shown on the game detail page? No longer have a picture (kind of what people think of when they think of an asset)? Will they get a new Id system like the newer gamepasses? This is confusing because I don’t know what Roblox means by “asset”.

Edit: Changing the link means it is no longer an asset, is that it?


Does changing badges to no longer be assets mean anything to programmers?


Assets in a nutshell are content that can be used in-game, badges have no content themselves. The same case applies to GamePasses, Packages, and I believe YouTube videos used for game thumbnails (they have their own asset type.)

Badges will continue to be displayed on the game details page, and will continue to have an icon used for the thumbnail. Right now the thumbnail for a badge asset just points to the badge icon to get it’s image.

Eventually because they no longer will be assets, ids will collide with the other assets. i.e. when we stop creating new badges as assets badges created will start counting up (likely from where they left off) and a badge id might collide with an asset Id. However existing badges will keep their ids, they will not get new ones, and no asset will ever collide with their ids.
This is also why it needs a new url because when the ids start to collide it won’t be possible to know whether the id belongs to an asset or a badge.

As far as implementation when we stop writing new badges as assets this will come in a future announcements.



Does this mean what I think it means…?


Probably not, unfortunately. Moderating GIFs would be a mission. My guess is that they allow single-frame GIFs, as they can be used as images.

Pretty cool if they did, though…!


Great start. Hopefully all the others assets etc and even Groups get a new look soon!