Freshii | Affiliation Information


Welcome! To start, we would like to thank you for your interest in allying with Freshii. All of our requirements are reasonable, if you do not meet the requirements please do not DM a staff about it, as that is the first question we’ll ask and look for. In this document, you’ll find our requirements, the questions you must answer when trying to ally and the procedure.

About us
Freshii is one of the many Roblox restaurants/juice bars. Our main goal is to provide quality food for our customers and develop a strong, loving staff team. Freshii is based on a real juice bar, so we try to be as realistic as possible. Our mantra is to eat. Energize. To us, this means we are giving/providing quality food with nutrients that will help our clients be energized and ready to work throughout their day.


  • Must be in both the Freshii communications server and group.

  • Your group should be Roblox related, if not you have a very low chance of being accepted.

  • Must not have past issues with Freshii, if so they must’ve been resolved.

  • You must follow both Roblox and Discord ToS.

  • Your group should be setup, all of your group roles should be bought, your communications server should be set-up.

  • Must post our announcements.

  • Willing to host events with us, to help keep the alliance active.


  • Read our requirements, make sure you meet a good amount of them, we do have some exceptions.

  • Read about us, making sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Answer the questions from us (below) to a communications member or ttalix.

  • It will take a couple of days for the alliance to be accepted as we do deep checks on the group, along with that, if the alliance is declined, you will be informed.

Questions from us
Please DM the answers to this question to a communications member for the alliance to be looked into and discussed. If a communication member is not available, DM t.#0700. Please note it may take a couple of days for the alliance to be accepted as we do a deep background check on the group.

  • What is your group all about? What are your priorities, what’s the purpose of the group?

  • What are your social links (Twitter, Roblox, Discord etc)?

  • Why are you interested in allying with us?

  • Do you meet all requirements?

Communications Team