Freshii | Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At Freshii, we understand that certain rules need to be placed, enforced and followed. The following rules are to be enforced at all times with no exceptions to anyone.

We expect everyone to be polite to each other. Keep in mind how you’re coming across another person’s screen. We do not tolerate any type of drama, harassment, bullying, hostility, etc. You can deal with those issues outside our platform.

Bypassing/spamming at the juice bar is strictly prohibited. If you are caught doing and/or attempting to bypass or spam in any way or form, including inappropriate actions, you will receive a consequence.

Advertising in Freshii is never allowed. If you wish to advertise your game/group, you can easily join a GRP Plaza to recruit members. This includes but not limited to our group wall, in-game and DMS.

Trolling/Ill-Suited Behaviour
Disruptive actions that are intended to provoke people, ruin their/others experience or effect them negativity are against our rules. Even though Roblox filters NSFW content; however it should be your priority you don’t do anything considered unsuitable.