Freshqo | Public Handbook

Welcome to Freshqo! Freshqo is a virtual ROBLOX group founded in 2018 by aclectics. It is a marvelous group with a lot of members. It is currently owned by Arush920.

Code of Conduct

Respect | Respect is important at Freshqo. Respect is treating someone the way someone would treat you. Being respectful is valuable in this group. Disrespect is not tolerated at Freshqo, consequences may be administered.

Kindness | Kindness goes a long way, being able to brighten someone’s day is valuable. Being unkind at Freshqo IS NOT tolerated. You don’t know what someone’s going through. Be mindful of this. PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT.

Accountability | Being able to be accountable for your actions. You must be honest & have integrity, etc. Be accountable of your actions at Freshqo. As it is important you do so.

Leadership | Leadership is important at Freshqo. It can profoundly impact the group itself. Being a leader, being someone who others can believe in, and many more. This is important at Freshqo. Staff members at Freshqo should show leadership qualities.

Mannerisms | We request that our community may utilize the utmost respectful mannerisms during their stay with Freshqo. This is to avert fretful altercations. This includes profanity, confrontations and absurd behavior that violates our rules and regulations.

Rank Descriptions

Customer | The consumer of Freshqo.
Noted Customer | Former High Ranks+ or Allied Representative.
Trainee | First Low Rank. Responsible for attending a training.
Junior Chef | Second Low Rank. Eligible to begin working.
Chef | Third Low Rank. Responsible for being more informed.
Senior Chef | Last Low Rank. Awaiting promotion to Management.

Staff Assistant | First Middle Rank. Learning about Management.

Supervisor | Second Middle Rank. Eligible to train and co-host.

General Manager | Third Middle Rank. Eligible to host.

Manager | Last Middle Rank. Responsible for overseeing MRs.

Executive Assistant | First High Rank. Assists Corporate duties.

Developer | Does contract work for Freshqo.

Chief Communications Officer | Manages affiliates.

Chief Human Resources Officer | Manages employees.

Chief Operations Officer | Manages company operations.

Board of Directors | Makes executive decisions for the group.

Vice President | Oversees a department.

President | Oversees all employees and reports to the ELT.

Chairwoman | Works with the Founder on the company.

Chairman | Founder of Freshqo. Oversees all operations.

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