Friend cannot publish UGC items, even with 1000 R$ Premium & ID verified account

my friend was trying to upload some UGC for the first time ever and i was helping them do it. but we had encountered issues when doing so, i’ll have to explain what happened because i’m not sure what caused it.

yes i know, you need an id and premium 1000 to do so. my friend has met all these requirements and is still unable to do so (recently purchased 1000 premium for uploading if that matters)

one thing i’d like to mention though, my friend at the time uploaded this hair accessory, but made a mistake by uploading it with the alternative account holder and then realized uploading couldn’t be done due to the holder not meeting those requirements at the time of owning the group. so my friend then transferred group ownership back to their main since that was the only logical solution at the time, thinking that would help since my friend’s main account has all the funds and the requirements met. but the banner still appeared despite meeting all these requirements.

yes i searched the devforum for another solution, but found nothing useful or relevant. it seems like this could be more of a bug but i digress. perhaps we missed something or the group transferring completely disabled the ability to do that? i don’t know but i’d like to know since it’s kind of counter-intuitive since a mistake like this could happen and transferring the group ownership completely ruins it when trying to self-diagnose, but someone please clarify, i could be wrong.

thank you.

Roblox Support

already reported to support, but i’d like to know if this is still a human error issue.

When your friend verified ID and bought the R$1000 Premium?

yes, it’s all done but it will still show these errors. i want to know if it’s related to anything that was done our end (like transferring group ownership) since that should still warrant if the item gets uploaded or not but it seems to not be updating or just doesn’t do that. i want more information on this since i’ve seen threads on the devforum speak on this but not a lot is known and many people saying it’s been bugged.

all i ask for is clarity from another user.

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