Friend Maker: Update Log!(CLOSED)

  • Ewww, looks like people close the row and made a under ground place, looks like is still in progress
  • Updates the version to Version: Month.Day.Version
  • Added new rain system
  • Added group rank
  • Added cameras *Soon for public use
  • Updated premium gamepass Chat Tag
  • :fireworks:Happy New Years :fireworks:
  • Added terrain around the map
  • Added a row to walk on to what’s coming
  • Fix AFK system
  • Added a day/night cycle
  • Added Easter Eggs
  • Deleted Christmas decorations
  • Deleted snow
  • Now fire works dis year, maybe next YEAR…
  • Added new map
  • Added snow rain
  • Added old map
  • Added ban land(Next to lobby)
  • Added Christmas Decorations
  • Deleted all easter eggs
  • Game now haves a Story(Get all the codes in game chat
  • Added trees with snow
  • added a santa wishlist (Fully working Soon)
  • Added pile of snow balls(Will be able to trough next years)
  • Added [BETA] to game name
  • Gamepass chat tags is now red
  • Added daily rewards
  • Premium gamepass price is now 150
  • Deleted gamepass gui
  • Deleted donate gui
  • Player is now from R6 TO R15
  • Added auto AFK
  • Added stuff that i forgot
  • Fix stuff
  • Added new lobby!
  • Deleted halloween decorations!
  • Added Easter eggs!
  • Added Chat logs and player join on discord!
  • Lobby will change on 2021
  • Bug fixed!
  • Added Halloween decorations
  • Added scary tree!
  • Added Halloween sky!
  • Added some secret items :smirk: