Friend Requests won't load

This is all I see when I go to my friend requests page:

The JSON returns this when loaded by the page:


Trying to go to the JSON manually returns a 400 Bad Request error.

This only happens on all of my accounts with more than 200 friend requests, all that I’ve checked with less load fine. (including ones with over 100 but less than 200)

Happens on any browser and on different IPs.

Edit: It’s slowly spreading to all of my accounts, regardless of how many they have.

Edit 2: New discovery, accounts that haven’t received a new friend request since last night won’t have this bug, it appears when you get a new friend request.


This happens on my PC and on my phone it brings up a 404 page.


Can confirm on the latest version of Google Chrome and on Roblox Mobile.

Happening for me too :confused:

Happening here as well

Happening with me after I declined a friend request via the notifications.

Can confirm that the notification feed also does not display any friend requests when the side panel shows “1” and the page is blank.

Working for me again. Was finally able to load and decline 17 friend requests.


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This bug still isn’t fixed
got the same issue today