"Friends" Amount display glitch

Upon visiting a good friend of mine’s page, I noticed his friend count said “5”, so I thought it was weird because only 3 showed up. I thought, heh, did they decrease the amount of friends that show to 3 from 6? Nope. Clicked on show all and only the three people in the picture below were on that too. So basically, the amount of friends is misrepresented.


I think it may have to do with the Friends page…
I just accepted 5 friends, but couldn’t go to the Accept all button. It wasn’t there at all.
Now when I accepted them (individually with the button on their character on the ‘Friend Requests’ tab) they showed up in my Best Friends.
I think there is something awry.

I had a problem where viewing someones user page made it look like they were a friend, because I could edit their settings as a friend, but we weren’t on each others friends list. Eventually I had to remove him as a friend and ask him to be a friend again.

ReeseMcBlox says there are bugs in this thread: