Friends button in menu should actually lead to friends

I believe this has been the case since the dawn of time. If you click friends you are taken to the friend requests tab and not the friends tab. I personally feel that this is misleading since the button does say friends and not friend requests, it’s also somewhat irritating as 90% of the time I wish to view one of my friends profiles or join them in a game. I often get a lot of requests and never accept them as I am sure many other users do, especially since the cap of 200 friends was introduced.

Anyway, here is my proposition. We should make the friends button always direct to the friends to avoid confusion. We should add the 3 most recent friend requests to the top of the page so players can still accept/decline at a glance. There would be a see more button added to the page.

With this I can quickly accept friend requests and find an older one if I need to as well as use my friends page as I intend to.

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I don’t think showing the top 3 friend requests would be very helpful, because if you’re famous and someone you’d normally accepts sends you a friend request, but 3 more people easily send you friend requests before you check your friends page, you won’t see the request from the person you want to accept.

Would clicking the notification bubble leading you to requests and clicking “Friends” leading you to friends be better behavior?

I think the intent is for you to decline friends you’re not going to accept – not leave them in a pool of requests for all eternity.

I was going to suggest making the notification bubble lead to friend requests. The fact is users I imagine a lot of other users and my time is spent clicking to change the tab because we wanted friends from the friends button.

I am not suggesting removing the friend requests page, just suggesting making the friends page default and showing the 3 most recent requests on it so that users don’t lose that functionality.

Most users are not famous.

Although it is true that most users are not famous, it is not true that users make new friends more than they interact with existing friends. This is also why I suggested adding the more recent requests to that page anyway since they may occasionally still have relevance.

Do you have any data on users who click that button and then click the friends tab vs users who click the button and stay in the requests tab? I am pretty sure that will confirm what I am saying.

Also why is there still no unfriend button on the friends page.


It’d be nice if the friend requests were ordered by the people who are mutual friends first.

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