Friends can join other friends when "Who can join me" is set to no one in same experience

Recently, it is possible to join a friend even though the Privacy setting “Who can join me” is off. This only works when the player is befriended with the person. I have been noticing this glitch since around a week ago and before that it wasn’t possible to join other friends when that setting was set to no one. To test this I joined a game just to see what happens and an account could always join the other friend.
Attempt 1 (website)

Attempt 2 (not on website)

As in the videos, both of the accounts don’t have the settings on, else you could see if there was a game name attached to their profile. If this is a feature then it shouldn’t exist

Expected behavior

Friends shouldn’t be able to join other friends when “Who can join me” is set to no one

Did you try this with any other games? I wonder if that game could be matching you to your friend’s server?

yea i did

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This bug has been around since Roblox introduced the “Who can join me” feature, and many users have discussed it when it was first released.

It’s likely that an Administrator will close this thread soon as Roblox hasn’t fixed this problem at all even when notified.

kinda dumb. but i havent for some reason had this issue in a long run. only a week ago it started happening (and yes before that no one could join me)

Kind of a confusing title. Luckily you can’t actually directly follow these friends into games which was what I was immediately worried about upon seeing this report.

If you just so happen to coincidentally join the same game that your friend is playing, you’ll be put into their server, as Roblox automatically matches you with your friends when you click the play button. But this system is not taking privacy settings into account. That’s what this report is about.

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Should have added “same experience”, will change