Friends invisible on mobile Home Page

When on the Roblox Home Page on mobile, all friends cannot be seen except one.

However, all friends are visible on the Friends Page

  • Repro Steps
    • Be friends with multiple users
    • Visit the mobile Home Page on your account
    • Only one will be visible
    • Click the mobile Friends Page
    • All friends are visible.

  • Device Specs
    • iOS
    • Tablet/iPad

Edit: This bug may occur after multiple attempts, usually 1-2. If this bug is not occurring, close and reopen Roblox 1-2 times for it to be visible.

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i can confirm I have had the same issue; although after I went to the “Nearby Players” page and back to the home page, it now shows 1/4 friends:

Device: Nokia 9 Pureview
OS: Android 9 Pie
App Version: 2.390.312659

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