Friends list not loading?

Hey, this is my first time posting here on the forum, so I am hoping I do things properly.

I’ve experienced an issue on the home page of Roblox, this appears on all of my accounts and as far as I know no one else has the same issue, or had the issue fix itself after some short amount of time.
Normaly the friends list just displays normaly, but this bug prevents me from seeing it normaly.
How this bug is caused is as of the time of posting this topic unknown.

As of now and for a long time my only browser exensions are ad block (disabled by default on the Roblox website) and a simple dark theme switch.

The bug just happens automaticaly upon starting up the Roblox website, there are no steps to reproduce this as far as I know. Only on the home page, nowhere else.
It happens 100% of the time, the loading bar seems to be infinite.

The image below displays the issue, personaly I have no idea what is causing this issue or what it all is supposed to mean.


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