Front wheel go crazy

So I made a car with a tutorial:
but the front wheel steering is a bit crazy.


Crazy how? With the video quality it’s hard to tell.
My guess if you’re having an issue is that you don’t have the steering HingeConstraint’s MaxTorque high enough. The 10000 value in the video should be much higher. For something like steering hinges I put in a 9 and just hold it down enough that the value reads inf after you hit Enter.

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i made it myself now. and it’s now okay, but with the video guide it’s a bit crazy,(the wheel is like much elastic also sorry for my bad english i don’t speak english)

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I know, the video is not that great as far as explaining stuff.
I like the 4 part Roblox suspension car video they used to have waaay better, but for some reason they removed it from the create page and I can’t find it on YT anymore… :frowning:

Try changing the custom physical properties so it has more density and friction.

If you solved it please comment on how you fixed the issue and mark that post as the Solution.
Otherwise people will keep trying to solve your post.

i solved it, this time i attempt to made it without the video and guess what, the issue has been solved. I don’t know why

What did you change to solve it? Nothing?

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IDK, i made it but this time its okay